Coil Manufacturing Atomizers


Coil Manufacturing first introduced their atomizer in 1986, right around the time the OSB industry began a strong expansion push. Over the years, testing and further refinements have helped make Coil’s precision spinning disc atomizers the overwhelming choice of manufacturers worldwide.

A key aspect of our patented atomizers reside in the simplicity of design. With so few moving parts, the chances of a malfunction have been minimized. And over the years, the performance and endurance of our atomizers has been unrivalled.

Our atomizers have the unique ability to optimize the use of liquid resins, while maintaining consistently high-quality finished products. By strategically placing units inside the blender, a “fog” of very fine droplets is produced. This fog, or mist, in combination with the system’s uniformity of distribution, substantially reduces resin consumption.

A customized atomizer support pipe is ready to be shipped. The triangular profile was designed primarily to prevent birdnesting of furnish. The inset shot shows two-bolt design on all doors for quick, easy monitoring of pipe.


In fact, most of our customers have told us that they’ve maintained strength and homogeneity in the physical properties of the board, while saving thousands of dollars monthly in resin use.

Our atomizers are available in six different models, with sizes ranging from model EL1 to EL4, and up to 14,500 rpm’s. We even manufacture units (model EL3A/EL4A) with an inverted cones.

Coil Manufacturing atomizers do not require high-pressure pumps, valves or hose fittings. Since there are no small orifices to deal with, filters are not necessary, other than those required for monitoring and pumping equipment. While we have Atomizers that have been in operation for 12 to 18 months we recommend every 3 to 4 months removing an atomizer form service and replacing the 2 inexpensive motor bearings.

Our line of atomizers can fit any system, and optimize the use of any resins.