Rotary Drum Blenders

Because our rotary drum blenders are designed and manufactured to last for many years, they’re an investment with long-term benefits.

Constructed of rolled steel and lined with advanced plastics, our units are fully shop tested, and then scrutinized again in our quality control department before shipping.

Available in a range of sizes, the variable speeds of our blenders can accommodate both liquid and powder resins. No other manufacturer incorporates the quality components, engineering simplicity and performance standards to match Coil Manufacturing blenders.

Here are more features and benefits that make us the world leader:

  • Tilt adjustment can be done manually or automatically
    The trunnion mounts are also adjustable to maintain tracking
  • One-piece drum drive sprocket mounted on machined surface
    Ensures smooth performance, and is easy to replace
  • Machined main frame mounting pads assure proper alignment
    The unit’s low profile ensures ease of shipment
  • Custom drum lining made in continuous lengths
    No exposed joints or welds make cleaning a snap

A replacement drum is about to be removed from a tester frame. The drum has been put through quality control tests for hours at 30 rpm – faster than normal speed. (Inset shot) Double row of atomizers inside blender have been custom fitted for optimal performance.

  • One-piece forged tires
    Assures quiet operation, as well as tire stability & endurance
  • Adjustable double layered in-feed and out-feed seals
  • Safety features include:
    • Full length guard fencing
    • Safety drum brake system
    • drum sprocket locking pin system
    • Operational signage
  • Full size door enables easy drum access for cleaning and maintenance
    Out-feed chute drawbridge also makes maintenance easier
  • Heavy composite flights in full length pieces
    Available in ‘angle’ or ‘tee’ sections in various heights